Hello world!

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Well, I have to say that I never really understood blogging. Even more so than Facebook statuses, it seemed to be the mindless mutterings on non sensical moments for the masses. Actually I’ve only read two in my life: one of my best friend’s and my brother’s. Read ’em both once. Well now that’s not completely true, cause there is a hair blog I used to read. And it was very helpful to me.

I hope this blog will be helpful to many, including myself. I’ll try not to mutter mindlessly too often. I will talk candidly about my journey through depression, including its causes, effects and treatments. I will do this in the hope of removing some of the taboo of the subject.

I will also give you a view of the art I have created during the healing process. Fair warning, I’m no Van Gogh.  But it is really not about creating a masterpiece.  It is about “finding my voice” and helping others find theirs.  I’ve read that depression is anger turned inward.  I believe that is true in my case. For about two years I’ve been working to find my voice.  I’m something of a good writer (well you can be the judge of that) but writing has become more and more difficult for me through the years. Perhaps because I was losing my real self to be what I thought others wanted me to be and feeling unable to express my displeasure about that!

Hey, I quit my job of 13 years this week to focus on healing.  So I’ve got lots of time for navel pondering. See you back here soon.


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I glad you found me so I would find you! I read a bit of your story and I look forward to see you go through this and come out a strong woman of God! Be blessed!

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