What’s in a name?



Pastels (Photo credit: ahisgett)

Hello readers,

There are a couple of issues I’ve been chewing on. I think I’ve made my decisions, but I thought I’d throw it out there for your feedback.

First up is the name of the movement: Blue is Blue – creating pastel art to overcome depression. What’s all that about, huh? Well, blue is blue is a pun.  Depression is also called being blue. I’m turning my depression (blue) into art (represented by the color blue.) I’ve had that part of the name square in my mind from the beginning. The second part of the name is my attempt to make my goal immediately known. However, I realized recently that it started as creating pastel art to combat depression. At some point it morphed into creating pastel art to OVERCOME depression. So I went back and forth on the meaning of combat vs overcome. And I not just thinking of the meaning to me, but what it will mean to folks who join the movement later.

It is certainly true that dealing with depression is a battle and it is an ongoing, lifelong battle really. Even if my doctors allow me to come off the medications, I’ll need to remain aware of my outlook and have coping techniques in place for stressful, or scary times. However, I’d like to think more about the reward than the struggle. (That’s part of my new mindset. Like that, huh?) So I believe “overcome” is where I am, where I’m going and where I want to take the good people who join me. I see “overcome” as a process too, but with a positive spin. (hey, you caught that one too?) So “overcome” it is. Unless you convince me otherwise.

My other issue has been signing my artwork. I have been really reluctant to sign my art. Is that odd? When I was a kid I dreamed of being a fashion designer, and having my name in the label! But Blue is Blue isn’t just about me. God gave me the direction to draw and is increasing my abilities daily. And there are so many women I hope to reach. I envision a team of 4 artists who understand depression and the 4 of us will be out doing art with people to help them heal. We will be writing and speaking on the subject across the nation.

There have been several public health awareness campaigns in the last twenty years. The most recent one to come to mind is a push to get kids to exercise daily. That’s what I see for Blue is Blue. So my compromise is I’m signing my work as “Blue”and I put the month and year. At some point in the future perhaps, there will be art that I don’t associate with my Blue movement and I’ll sign my name.  I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts on it, but you’re not going change my mind on that one.



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