Sometimes you just have to say, “No.”

Wow, my personal email is a mess. The inbox is four pages long even  though I have about 45 folders.

I seemingly get emails daily from several life and business coaches. I’m in about six Linked-In groups. And then there’s all the clothing and shoes stores that want me to know they are having a sale. I signed up for all these emails. They are all very interesting. When I actually read some of them, I

Taroby screen-inbox

Taroby screen-inbox (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

usually learn something.

I had been signing up for every free training the coaches offered.  I’ve listened to several, but I can’t keep up! Finally it occurred to me that I needed to just tell myself no, and delete stuff. Delete unopened stuff. Delete stuff I can’t easily file.

And that made me think about my life. Gosh there are so many thought provoking, informative, creative and enjoyable activities out there in my newly expanded world. I’m taking online classes, writing on a couple platforms, honing my speaking skills, and reconnecting with friends. But I need to be diligent to keep focused on the most important daily activities: my Bible reading, time in prayer, fun with my husband and writing the book.

So each day there are some things I have to say no to. Sometimes it’s taking that mid afternoon nap.  Sometimes it’s clicking on that link in the email. Sometimes it’s ironing his entire shirt wardrobe in one day.

Choices are good. I like choices. It reminds me of how much control I actually have over my life.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to say, “No.”

  1. Good word! It came just when I needed it most, deleting emails and grieving over my Moms medical situation. She is dying, please pray for us, she has Pancreatic Cancer and only has months maybe weeks to live.

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