The Best Vitamins


Vitamins! (Photo credit: bradley j)

So part of my overall health regimen includes taking a multi-vitamin. I started with some off brand gummies that I was giving my daughter while she was visiting during the summer of 2011.  She kept making faces or trying to hide when I gave them to her. “What’s all that about? Gummies are good.” I said.

She just gave me her sad face.

Well of course one morning I popped in a couple to prove her wrong. Gracious, they were terrible! I apologized profusely to my daughter.

The next morning we were chewing on Flintstone gummies. They were much better. After she had gone back to her dad’s house, I continued taking them. Then I got a little more adventurous and tried sour gummies. Oh they were so good, I could forget they were vitamins. I actually looked forward to that part of my morning pill routine.

And then, for some reason, I decided gummies are for sissies. I searched the aisles comparing labels. I wanted the most potent woman vitamin they had. I found a large bottle of  something and it was a buy one get one. That was great, cause vitamins are expensive. The next morning I was disturbed by how large these pills were. “Only slightly smaller than those horse pills I had to take when I was pregnant.” Can anyone tell me if they are smaller now? Has modern science progressed to the point where they squeeze everything the mother needs into a normal pill, a gummy, liquid syrup?? Anyway, I trudged through my morning routine for awhile. One morning I complained to my husband that they really were quite large and I didn’t like them.

“But don’t you have like a four month supply?” he asked into the mirror while he shaved.

I left the bathroom. I stopped taking the vitamins.

However, my dilemma only increased. I really wanted to take a vitamin, I just didn’t want those. And I didn’t want to waste my three and a half month supply. Finally I sheepishly returned to the vitamin aisle. My requirements were 1)gummy 2)cheap. I found something fitting that bill, checked myself out and was on my way.

Lesson learned: the best vitamins are the vitamins you take.


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