I didn’t win…but maybe I did

Readers, good news- I submitted an excerpt of the book to a Christian writing contest and I didn’t win. “What?”, you say? “You didn’t win? How could that be?”

“I know right!” I was absolutely shocked. And I learned a lot.

When I was deciding to enter, I had to consider the entry fee.  I’m watching my shekels, so every expense requires the “is-this-really-necessary” test.    I asked my husband, “If I pay this fee and don’t win, will I feel badly? Will I feel like I wasted my money?” He said I shouldn’t. “Hmm, no, I don’t think I will. I’m going for it!”

The contest was for a 750 word piece. It required a quick submission and the three winners would be announced quickly. (Ahhh, I’m healing, maturing, but I still hate waiting.) I used a piece from my still un-titled book. Since the entry needed a beginning, middle and end, I had to tweak it some. I did and felt really, really good about it.

And when I received the email with the winners, I had to read it twice. My brow, furrowed. “What? Where’s my name?”

When I told my husband later that evening, I realized a couple of things. First, I didn’t feel like I wasted my precious pennies. It was worth the risk.  Second, I really thought I was gonna win. Was that crazy or arrogant? No, it was confidence! Wow, me?  How about that? Third, I proved to myself I can handle rejection of my writing. (Yes, I know rejection can get quite a bit harsher than this.)

My husband said he was proud of me for being brave enough to submit “my baby” for judgment. I am too. And I’ll do it again.

Wanna read my submission? Head over to my site: http://www.myblueisblue.com/book-excerpt/

Tell me what you think of it.