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The World of Blue is moving at the speed of light. Well, at least it feels that way.

I appreciate each of you who follow my blog and check updates on my website. However, in order to keep you better updated on book signings, art shows, speaking engagements and new products, I need you to join my mailing list!

As an incentive to get you to click this link before July 22nd, I’ll send to a signed bookmark featuring my original art, while supplies last. Already receiving “Shades of Blue”? Well if you forward my newsletter through the Constant Contact link in the newsletter, you too will get a bookmark. And of course, if your referral signs up, they will receive a bookmark as well. Bookmarks for everyone!

(Hey, you need a bookmark now, so you will be ready when you get your book.)

I have added buttons on the right sides of this blog and my website for you and your friends to click. Take a look.


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