Kartika R Anderson                      Artist/Author/Speaker

English: A box of pastels.

English: A box of pastels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blue is Blue is my opportunity to share my walk through depression and how art (specifically creating with soft pastels and acrylics) has helped tremendously.

I have a few goals:

  • to continue my healing
  • to reduce the stigma associated with depression, medication and suicidal ideations
  • to challenge women to own their healing
  • to encourage more people to create art
  • to gain more recognition for art’s therapeutic value in general

Thanks for joining on the journey!

contact me at MyBlueisBlue@yahoo.com

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kartika, I have been viewing your artwork on another site you use. I particularly like the drawing of the arum lily. Arum lilies are a great subject with their strong, simple shape.

    I was interested to read that you have experimented with drawing on black paper. I think black paper gives colours greater intensity and depth.

    And you are right – Art heals. Good Luck with your continued recovery from depression.

    • Hi Margaret,
      Gosh I thought I had responded to your kind words, but I don’t see it here! Thanks so much for viewing my art. But an even bigger thanks for sharing your comment on my lily. I know people are looking and reading, but most don’t say anything!

      Please continue to give me your thoughts.

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