A little lonely

A woman thinking

A woman thinking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I felt a little lonely today. Not really sure why. However, that didn’t prompt me to go outside. Instead I took it to mean I needed to commune with God.

I continued my reading in 1 Corinthians. Read chapter 9. Prayed for some folks. Read a chapter of “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson. 

Hey, I heard him speak at my church on Thursday. His work is awesome! It is encouraging to see what the Lord will do with useable vessels.

I did a lot of computer research today: compared LLC setup companies, requirements to open a business bank account, basics of filing taxes, how to write an “elevator speech” and set up my business page on Facebook. Unfortunately, for some reason no one can see my business page on Facebook. sigh

I was serenaded by my YouTube playlists of Katie and Bryan Torwalt and Rebecca Ferguson.

Hmm, it was a very productive day. And sometimes one needs to be alone to research and plan.