What have I been up to?

Blue is moving along nicely! I have a patron for whom I’m doing three pieces. I’m a little nutty over wanting them to be just short of perfect. I’m working daily on them.

I asked my medical doctor about the walls of her office. The art on them is rather half-hearted, at best. She instead suggested I donate a piece to a fund-raiser she will be attending with other doctors. I can include a page on me & my mission, along with some business cards. It will be auctioned off. That’s a great audience for my work. I know the piece I will use. Now I’m looking for the best quality, most economical way to reproduce it.

I’m looking into a website that combines online sales with a gallery. I’ve submitted my request to join the site.

So I practice my art daily and look for customers daily. Haven’t written much recently. But hey, maybe I can incorporate some of this blog into the book.

I’m VERY happy! How about you?